KBC Lottery Winner 25 Lakh 2023 List Today Airtel

KBC Lottery Winner 25 Lakh 2023 New KBC & Airtel Airtel Lottery is offering a chance to win Rs. 25,00,000 INR per week. Today, Airtel released the KBC lottery winner 2023 25 lakh list.

Customers on Airtel’s 4G LTE network are eligible to participate in the drawing.

4G services have recently been launched by Airtel in India. Subscribers can download data at high speeds with this service. You can win free money from Airtel by participating in the “Airtel Lottery

Follow these steps to play in the Airtel Lottery (Airtel 25 lakh lottery)

  • For further information, visit www.airtelin or www.kbcjiolotterywinnerlist.in
  • Enroll on the Airtel 4G network.
  • Pay for a plan that includes 4G service.

Hello there, KBC fans! (Kaun Banega Crorepati), In the KBC lottery draw today, Airtel has won 25 lakh rupees 2023.

Airtel sim card lottery by KBC has a chance to win 2500000 rupees for Airtel numbers.

KBC Lottery winner 2023 25 lakh list today Airtel

The list of winners of the Airtel lottery is in front of you.

No.KBC Lottery Winners NameAirtel Winning NumbersAmount of the PrizeNumber Drawn in the LotteryWinning Date
1.Mahesh Singh896****65525,00,000 INR8991Today
2.Audit Kumar843****55725,00,000 INR85692Today
3.Ragin Devi961****99425,00,000 INR34412Today
4.Asha Began916****64725,00,000 INR647916Today
5.Umrika Das749****85025,00,000 INR4056Today
6.Rahul Ray929****76525,00,000 INR76599Today
7.Saggar Sharma874****98125,00,000 INR53372Today
8.Faheem Ali675****73325,00,000 INR8744Today
9.Raajeev Sahu874****73725,00,000 INR33477Today
10.Sakshi Bibi912****54625,00,000 INR1122Today

Airtel Lottery Winner

If you are new to the lottery system, you will be interested in knowing the method of checking your KBC lottery number. In this article, we will move forward on the steps we can take on the Internet in 2023 to verify our KBC lottery number. If you are lucky, you can change your lifestyle as well. But before you move forward with the lottery, you should have the right information about the system. Available by contacting the BC Lottery Authority of Data.

Airtel Lottery Winner

The KBC Lottery Department has a dedicated helpline number +19188194888 . The KBC Lottery Division has a designated helpline number that you may be dial when you receive a phone call from a non –trusted number

KBC Airtel Lottery

You should know that Airtel’s BC Lottery 2023 is a national lottery that is held on the 1st and 15th of each month. You no longer have to register to participate in the KBC Lottery 2023. You have to make sure that your SIM has been fully charged and verified to participate in this lottery. You should have your phone registration number easier to check your KBC lottery number online. Before entering the lottery, you should review the details of all your numbers.

If you are lucky to win Enough, you have to register your SIM card on your ad at your ad. Once you enroll, you will receive messages from KBC lottery. Then you can wait for your BC call. As an alternative, you can check the KBC lottery online from the KBC Official website.

Airtel lottery winner in 2022 full detail

  • Mr Mahesh Singh, Lottery No. 8991, winning money of Rs 25 lakh, winning the date of June 1, 2022.
  • Mr Adrat Kumar, Lottery No. 85692, a winning amount of Rs 25 lakh, the date of winning the date of June 1, 2022.
  • Ms. Ragini Devi, Lottery No. 34412, winning amount of Rs 25 lakh, winning the date of June 1, 2022.
  • Ms. Asha Begum, Lottery No. 647916, winning money of Rs 25 lakh, winning the date of June 1, 2022.
  • Ms. Amika Das, Lottery No. 4056, a winning amount of Rs 25 lakh, the date of winning of June 1, 2022.
  • Mr Rahul Ray, Lottery No. 76599, a winning amount of Rs 25 lakh, the date of winning of June 1, 2022.
  • Mr Sagar Sharma, Lottery No. 53372, a winning amount of Rs 25 lakh, the date of winning the date of June 1, 2022.
  • Mr Fahim Ali, Lottery No. 8744, a winning amount of Rs 25 lakh, June 1, 2022’s win.
  • Mr Rajev Sahoo, Lottery No. 33477, winning money of Rs 25 lakh, winning the date of June 1, 2022.
  • Ms. Sakshi Bibi, Lottery No. 1122, a winning amount of Rs 25 lakh, June 1, 2022’s win.
  • Introduction to Aerotle’s BC Lucky Drag 2022:
  • As you know, the KBC All India is connected with the SIM card. Similarly, the KBC introduced the Eric SIM card lottery. The KBC connected with the Errheel Company and got the lucky draw on it. The Erotel Company gives 5000 marks to KBC every week. In which the lucky draw is contested, the number three wins 2500000.

A guide for someone who wins the BC Lottery of Airtel

KBC Lottery Winner list

Airtel 25 million lottery 2023 winning list is regularly updated weekly. That is why you should continue with the KBC. On our site, you will learn everything about your BC. Also, remember that when you win the lottery, you have to pay your bank a percentage of tax on money. When you pay taxes to your bank, your lottery amount is automatically transferred to the same bank account you have given to the KBC representative. The government is paid 1 % tax so that your lottery can be transferred to your bank account without any hassle, and you have no problem later. Not one of these taxes goes to the BC. All this tax is sent to the Government of India through your bank. Somewhere people do not work on tax and say that you reduce taxes from our lottery, but we can’t do it, then it will probably say that KBC is taking money, but not so, you tax this tax Give To the government. This is by your bank because it is the role of the government, so you have to pay first. After that, you have a storage of 00 2500000 in your bank account. So please pay your tax and thank your lottery.

Be the lucky winner of the KBC Airtel Lottery!

  • You do not need any registration to join the Airtel Lottery. Yes, but there are some points through which you can enter the lottery.
  • You recharge your SIM card as much as possible. So that your SIM card is updated at Airtel Database all the time
  • You call at least five times a day. In this, it doesn’t matter who you are calling. Even if you call the same person 100 times, it doesn’t matter.
  • You can join the lottery by following these points, but this is not 100 % chance. You can win many times by not following them. You can follow them and follow them. This is a BC of tips, but it is not 100 %. All of this depends on the Airtel Company and what data they give to the KBC. But if you follow the rules, your chances of winning increase.
  • You can also check the results on your computer or mobile phone
  • If you need any information about your lottery, you can contact the BC by going to our website or calling the KBC helpline number.

Here you (KBC) can find out everything you need to know about the (KBC) Kaun Banega Crorepati

Airtel Lottery Tickets

  • An Airtel Lottery Tickets can be purchased on any of the following locations:
  • Ticket counters at a Airtel Store
  • An aerial agent
  • On a retailer
  • online
  • By the phone
  • In human
  • Anywhere that sells tickets for a draw.
  • The minimum is 18 years old to buy tickets.
  • Each ticket is sealed at a different number.

List of Winners of the Airtel Lottery 35 and 50 Lakh:

No.Airtel Lottery Winner NameLottery NumberAirtel Winners NumberWinning Amount
1.Vijay Thakur9192874****56650,00,000 INR
2.Eesha Barman65544929****77750,00,000 INR
3.Gagana Rani12637745****83535,00,000 INR
4.Chadra Rathod7555867****51235,00,000 INR
5.Zaiyaan Kumar18489677****45235,00,000 INR

KBC Lottery Headquarters:

KBC Lottery Headquarters is located on Maharashtra Bandh Gul, Floor 2. You can also personally get lottery information to our office. If you want to cash in your home comfortable win, you can call our KBC Head Office number. WhatsApp number for KBC is +19188194888. Your BC lottery winner can call at the KBC Head Office for more information about 2022 25 million list Today Airtel.

KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2023 Airtel

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