KBC Winner List 2023 | Jio KBC Winner List 2023

KBC Winner List 2023 | Jio KBC Winner List 2023

KBC Winner List 2023: Dear users, we are announcing KBC Lottery Winner 2023 today with new upcoming options. Now you don’t need to register to be a part of KBC Lottery 2023.

KBC has now launched in a unique way as we are associated with all SIM networking companies. KBC Winner List Who will be on the millionaire winner list? KBC 7 crore winner. 7 crore winner in KBC who won 7 crores in KBC KBC Winners List KBC is scripted. KBC 8 Winner Name Who will become a millionaire 7 crore winner? 7 Crore Winner KBC.kbc Jackpot Winner. KBC Prize Money. Name the winner of Kon Banega Crorepati Season 8. KBC.KBC Season 8 Winner Name. Who is the winner of KBC Season 8? KBC Winner.KBC Prize Money Tax.KBC 7 Crore.KBC 1 Crore Winner.KBC Winner Season 8. KBC Winner. Who is the winner of Banega Crorepati who won 7 crores in KBC? KBC Winners List 1 crore winners in KBC. Taxes on KBC winnings. Who will be the millionaire winner? All India SIM Card Lucky Draw Contest KBC Winner2023.KBC Manager Name. Jio KBC Today’s Question. How to Win KBC Jackpot Tax on KBC prize money. Income tax on KBC prize money. KBC 1 Crore Winner 2023

KBC Lottery Winner List 2023

SR.NOKBC Latest Lottery Winner List 2023 KBC Lottery NumberWinner Mobile
1RAHUL AGARWAL10092957*****360
2Miss.Mehra Sharma44489869*****430
3Mr.Adil Ahmed44475905*****898
4Dhondappa Rama poojari94400800*****528
5Miss.Neha Ravi77009750*****203

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Jio KBC Lottery Winner List 2023 Today

  1. We update the KBC winner list 2023 regularly now we are showing the top 10 KBC lottery winner list for January2023 .
  2. Mr. Arnik Sharma 25 Lakh City Lucknow Lottery Winning Date 04 January2023 .
  3. Mr. Anshik Kumar Lottery Winner 25 Lakh City Kolkata Winning Date 04 January 2023 .
  4. Ms. Kajal Sharma 25 Lakh City Chennai Lottery Winning Date 04 January 2023 .
  5. Ms. Janki Mohan Lottery 25 Lakh City Pune Winning Date 04 January 2023
  6. Mr. Malhar Manoj Lottery 25 Lakh City Delhi Winning Date 04 January 2023 .
  7. Mr. Himanshu Singhania 25 Lakh City Ahmedabad Lottery Winning Date 04 January 2023 .
  8. Mr. Karthik Krishna Raut 25 Lakh City Surat Lottery Winning Date 04 January 2023 .
  9. Ms. Meghna Ravi 25 Lakh City Srinagar Lottery Winning Date 04 January 2023 .
  10. Ms. Gayatri Kumari 25 Lakh City Mumbai Lottery Winning Date 04 January 2023 .
  11. Mr. Jagandeep Lottery Winner 25 Lakh City New Delhi Winning Date 04 January 2023 .
KBC Winner List 2023 | Jio KBC Winner List 2023

People Ask About KBC Lottery Winner list 2023

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Has anyone won 7 crores in KBC / who won 7 crores in KBC?

Yes, the Narula brothers, Achin and Karthik, have become the first contestants to win the grand prize of KBC 7 crore winner reality game show ‘Koon Banega Crorepati’ hosted by Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan. KBC 7 crore winner. 7 crore winner in KBC. KBC 7 crore winner. Winner of KBC 1 Crore. KBC 5 Crore Winner

Who is the winner of KBC 7 crore?

Sushil Kumar, brothers Achan, and Sarthik Narula made history on “Koon Banega Crorepati” by winning the KBC 7 crore grand prize money in season 8, becoming the show’s first highest prize money winners as the honor Sushil Kumar had. KBC 5 Crore Winner

How to check KBC Lottery online in 2023 ?

Dear KBC Lucky Draw 2023 Winner If you don’t have KBC registered lottery number. Don’t worry you can get your registered lottery number. Similarly, you can also check Jio Lucky Draw 2023 winner data here.

Where are the KBC winners now?

1 crore winner in KBC season 1. Harsh Vardhan was preparing for the Indian Civil Services when he participated in the show. After winning KBC 1 crore, he pursued his studies in the UK and is currently working in the private sector. Harsh Vardhan is now married and has two children.

Does KBC really give money to KBC winners?

The Who Banega Crorepati (KBC) jackpot awarded KBC Rs 5 crore last month and now it has received a prize money of Rs 3.5 crore.

Is KBC scripted?

Is KBC a script? Public discourse has changed over the years in the way KBC episodes are scripted.

How much does Amitabh Bachchan charge for KBC?

Initially, Amitabh Bachchan received around Rs 2 crore per episode from KBC. Now Amitabh Bachchan will charge around Rs 2.75-3 crore per episode for KBC.

What was the KBC 7 crore question of today?

The correct answer was Prospero. The correct answer was B, Prospero. It didn’t take long for Ajith Kumar to decide to quit the game after eyeing the jackpot KBC 7 crore question. Which could have won him KBC 7 crores, because he had no idea.

What was the KBC 1 crore question? 

The correct answer was Zaheer Dehlvi. Asked to guess the correct answer for the KBC 1 Crore winner, Babita replied, Bihar which was the correct answer. He used his last remaining lifeline, and expert help to answer correctly and won KBC 1 crore.

Who was the first KBC winner?

Harshvardhan Nawathe was the first winner of Kaun Banega Crorepati, Harshvardhan Nawathe, was a student when he won Rs 1 crore on the KBC show in 2010.

How much money did Anand Kumar win in KBC?

Anup Kumar won 25 lakh KBC. Anand was invited as a guest on the knowledge-based KBC game show. He answered seven questions with the help of his former student.

Who gives KBC prize money?

A major part of investment in big shows comes from KBC business partners. It puts in the prize money and pays the host about 70% of the total cost. License fee and production are borne by the production house itself.

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