KBC Head Office Number | KBC Whatsapp Number

KBC Head Office Number | KBC Whatsapp Number

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(Kaun Banega Crorepati)
Address: Lower Parel, Friends Colony, Kurla West, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070, India

KBC Head Office Number | KBC Whatsapp Number

KBC Season 8: 2014

The highest winning prize of this season was also Rs 7 crore. Registration for KBC 8 began on 22 July 2014 and the shooting began on 2 August 2014. [14] The entire show was shot in Surat. This was the first time KBC was shot outside Mumbai. Minor format changes were made for the season, with the number of questions being reduced to 14, double dip replacing 50:50, as well as replacing Philip with Tregni (Three Wise Men) Lifeline. Phone-a-friend was shortened to 30 seconds and the original Fastest Finger First system (as used for seasons 1 through 6) was restored.

The grand premiere episode of the series premiered on 17 August 2014 (Sunday) at 8:30 PM IST for 3 hours. The season aired Monday through Thursday evenings. The program was shortened to one hour after initially running for 1.5 hours. The season ended on November 6, 2014, and two grand finale episodes aired on November 9 and November 16, 2014. The tagline of the season was “Yehan Surf Paisa Nahi, Dil Bhi Jeetain Hain” (English: Here it’s not just money, hearts win too). The grand premiere episode featured three special guests: television comedians Kapil Sharma from Colors TV’s television series Comedy Nights with Kapil, Dayanand Shetty and Aditya Shrivastava from Sony TV’s television series CID, and finally I Rajput hero, Maharana Pratap alias Faisal Khan. Sony TV’s television series Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap performed a spectacular dance performance.[16] Among others, the Shillong Chamber Choir performed a medley of evergreen Bollywood songs under the leadership of Neil Nongkunri followed by KBC8 A patriotic song was performed at the opening ceremony.

Season 9: 2017

KBC aired on 28 August 2017 with the premiere airing on Sony TV with Bachchan resuming hosting duties. The tagline for this season was “The time has come to answer.” The show airs Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM. The season introduced a 16-question format, where the first 10 questions are timed (45 seconds for the first five questions and 60 seconds for the following five questions). The 50:50 Lifeline replaced the Double Dip and the Three Wise Men Lifeline was replaced by the Plus One (from the United States version). Phone-a-Friend (now sponsored by Jio) introduced video calls. If the contestant reaches the 16th question (Joe Jackpot question), the contestant cannot use the remaining lifelines. The last episode of the show aired on 7 November 2017. With 19.8 million registrations, the show topped the TRP ratings for the Indian television industry, according to the report.

Season 10: 2018

Registration for the show started on 6 June 2018 and started airing on Sony TV on 3 September 2018. The tagline for the tenth season is Kabtak Rokoge (English: How long will you stop).[18] In this particular season, the Phone-A-Friend lifeline was replaced by the Ask The Expert lifeline.

Season 11

The channel has confirmed the registration for the 11th upcoming season and the show is expected to go on air from mid-August or early September.


As with the original broadcast in the UK, members of the public completed a qualifying quiz that opened at different times of the year at the start of each season (also known as the “registration period”). Contestants will send a premium rate SMS to a designated number and answer the question by replying. Contestants will complete a series of interviews before being randomly selected from a pool of other candidates and taking the stage in Fastest Finger First. To be eligible, contestants must be residents and citizens of India and at least 18 years of age.

Fastest finger first
The selected contestants are then brought into the studio to play Fastest Finger First where they will be asked to arrange four answers in a given order in the shortest possible time. In season 7, the contestants will play three questions and whoever answers the most correctly in the least time will be selected to play the main game.
Important gameplay

After the winner of the fastest finger first is determined, they will join the host in the “hot seat” to begin answering multiple choice questions on their way to winning the top cash prize as shown in the table below. has been told. Along the way, the contestant is free to walk away from the game with their winnings but if they get a question wrong, they walk away with nothing unless they answer the milestone question correctly (yellow highlighted in color) that will guarantee some winnings.

To help them along the way, just like their counterparts, the contestants had a set of lifelines available for them to use. Which lifelines were available depending on the format being used.
Audience Poll (Ask the Audience): The studio audience will dial into a keypad what they think is the correct answer to the question. The results of the poll are shown to the contestant.

50:50: The computer will remove two wrong answers from the game leaving the contestant with one right and one wrong answer.
Phone-A-Friend: The contestant can call a pre-selected friend or family member to help them answer the question. Once connected, the helping party and the contestant had 30 seconds (45 in season 7) to talk to each other. In 2017, it became a video call instead of a voice call. For season 10, this lifeline was removed in favor of reviving Ask the Expert.

Flip Question (Change/Switch Question): The current question will be thrown out and replaced with a new question. Any lifeline spent on the original question continued to be spent. He was introduced in the second season, removed after the third season, and reinstated for the 7th season. During seasons 2 and 3 it could only be used after the 5th question, while it was available from the beginning in season 7.
Double Dip: As shown on the US “Super Millionaire”, this gave the contestant two chances to answer the question. However, using this lifeline eliminated the ability to walk away from the question. The contestant must answer twice without further use of the lifeline. (They may use other lifelines before double dipping but not during lifeline resolution.)

In the case of a clocked game, the timer will only stop for the first guess. Then, if the first guess was wrong, the timer started counting again. If the contestant does not make their second guess before the time limit or if it is incorrect, the contestant will walk away from the game with the lower limit amount, if any.
Expert Advice (Ask the Expert): In Season 4, the “Expert Advice” lifeline was added to the pool of available lifelines. The producers will invite some general knowledge experts to come to the studio to help the contestants. Lifeline was revived for season 10 in 2018.[21]
Power Papelo: Introduced in the 7th season, this lifeline allowed the contestant to reuse a lifeline that had previously been used on another question. This cannot be the lifeline used on the current query.

Trigun (त्रिगुनी, three wise men): Like its American counterpart, the producers will invite some general knowledge experts or celebrities to come to the studio to help the contestants. When requested, the “Three Wise Men” are given 30 seconds to discuss the question and return the contestant with a consensus answer for a possible choice between them, which is often the ear of the conversation. I used to be After time expired, the “Three Wise Men” were instructed to stop debating the question and the game resumed as normal.
Jodidar (lit. partner): Similar to Plus One Lifeline in the United States, in addition to 3 phone-a-friends, the contestant can also bring a designated family member or friend to help answer the question. Is. (This person is nominated by the contestant before the show.)
Additionally, starting from Season 4, contestants will have to answer these questions within a certain time frame. Competitors

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